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She was terrified of flying. So she learned to fly.

She was terrified of flying. So she learned to fly.
Captain Glickman

Fearless. That’s how Phylise describes herself when talking about her ability to stand up and speak in front 1,000 people. Public speaking, an activity listed as the number one human fear ahead of death, doesn’t even make Phylise break a sweat.

However, when it came to flying, even commercially, it took Phylise 2 or 3 pills and a few cocktails before she could get on a plane.

She was terrified of flying. So she learned to fly.
Phylise flies!

But destiny was at work. First she met a group of private pilots through a meetup group, started following their adventures on Facebook, and became envious of what they were doing, where they were going, and their passion.

Then, last year, she learned that her sister and best friend had breast cancer. She realized that losing her was by far her biggest fear. Every other fear paled in comparison.

Her pilot friends had asked her many times if she wanted to fly with them. She had always refused but now the time was right. Out of the group, Captain Glickman seemed to be the pilot less likely to do something to frighten her. As soon as she asked, a date was set.

She was terrified of flying. So she learned to fly.
A life changing first flight

For the following week and a half, Phylise sent her pilot numerous emails, texts, and even ridiculous notes of panic. Captain Glickman answered each of her questions and walked her through all the steps for the flight.

On flight day, once airborne, Phylise felt like maybe this was going to be OK. After Captain Glickman encouraged her to breath and look around, she was stun by the beautiful bird’s eyes view. But, when he put her hands on the yoke and she realized that she flying the airplane on her own, that was it! The fear had disappeared and she was hooked.

The power of the first flight!

Phylise will soon to be a private pilot and a fully certified Woman Of Aviation. As a professional instructional designer, she is already thinking to put her talent to work to help other women learn to fly.

You can follow her path on her personal blog or contact her via the community.

Welcome to the sisterhood, Phylise. We are so privileged to count you as one of us.


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