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VIP Club members, Lesley and Jeff from Oshawa, ON, receive COPA’s Award of Merit

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is presented annually to the person(s) whose meritorious actions are both admired by, and reflective of, the Spirit of COPA. Today, the president of COPA, Kevin Psutka flew from Ottawa to Oshawa to join Paul Hayes, a Southern Ontario director of COPA, and present the COPA Award of Merit to VIP Club members, Lesley and Jeff, from Oshawa. The award recognized Lesley and Jeff’s astounding dedication for introducing …

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She was terrified of flying. So she learned to fly.

Fearless. That’s how Phylise describes herself when talking about her ability to stand up and speak in front 1,000 people. Public speaking, an activity listed as the number one human fear ahead of death, doesn’t even make Phylise break a sweat. However, when it came to flying, even commercially, it took Phylise 2 or 3 pills and a few cocktails before she could get on a plane. But destiny was at work. First she met …

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Jonathan, heart and soul of Kpong Field, Ghana is Karlene’s Fabulous Flyer

When I launched the Centennial of Women Pilots campaign in early 2010, Jonathan was one of the first persons to contact me. He said, “We will introduce 100 girls and women to flying on March 8 for the 100th anniversary of the first woman pilot license.” And they did! It took 4 pilots flying ultra lights all day long to make it happen but it did not phase them out. Some of the girls and …

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