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Daphne - TSB Aviation Accident Investigator

Daphne, a real life Sherlock Holmes who makes flying safer

Daphne Boothe wanted to be become an aviation accident investigator. She tells iWOAW how she made her way to her dream job and what she does. From Royal Canadian Air Cadet to engineer to airline pilot to gain the required experience My plan to embark on a career in aviation started when I joined Royal Canadian Air Cadets in Winnipeg. Through the Air Cadets, I earned my glider licence and by the time I was …

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Jacqueline Pulido, A320 pilot

Jacqueline Pulido, from airline brat to A320 pilot & instructor

You could say that Jacqueline Pulido was born into aviation. Her parents met at Mexicana Airlines, fell in love, dated, and got married. Her mom was a flight attendant but decided to stop flying when she was 3-4 months pregnant with Jackie. She did not return to flying however she was a true aviation lover. Her support inspired Jacqueline to continue in her career and sustained her during setbacks. Jackie and her sisters were involved …

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Colette Morin, Glacier Air

Meet Colette Morin, flight school owner, chief pilot, and instructor for Glacier Air

Right now, Colette Morin is busy organizing her 10th Women Of Aviation Week event. Because of Covid this year, the event will be mostly virtual. In past years, Morin has been so effective with organizing events that she won the Most Acclaimed Organizer Worldwide Fly It Forward® Award twice and has seen more and more women start flying lessons. Meet this inspirational female role model. What are you currently doing in aviation? I am the …

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Wendy First to solo Challenge Winner

From supportive mom to flight instructor

Wendy Rose never set out to become a pilot. She was a content wife and the mother of a young girl with a big dream – becoming an astronaut. Her life changed dramatically when she decided to attend a Women Of Aviation Week event organized by FlyQuest in Huntsville, Alabama. She was there to support her daughter’s aspirations. She ended up competing successfully for the Fly It Forward® First-to-Solo Scholarship. The Fly It Forward® Challenge …

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Why Bessie Coleman learn to fly in France

This is why Bessie Coleman went to France to learn to fly

IWOAW is celebrating 100 Years of Female Pilots of all Races as part of Women Of Aviation Week 2021. Headlines and photos of WWI pilots and planes captivated the attention of Bessie Coleman but a dare by one of her brothers set her pilot career aspirations in motion. “You nigger women ain’t never goin’ to fly, not like those women I saw in France,” her brother John told her in front of her clientele at …

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