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Leading Turkiye to WOAW the world

Turkey first joined the Women Of Aviation Week celebration in 2014. Since then, Turkish individuals, groups, and corporations have won multiple Fly It Forward® Awards and Turkey has taken the lead for most official WOAW events with 376 to date. Along with Canada and the United States, it is one of the countries that officially recognizes and celebrates Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. One man, Can Erel, was key to Turkey’s involvement and success. He …

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Erica navigates across aviation careers

I feel I am so fortunate that my aviation career has landed me in my present position at a company that designs and supports operations software for the airline industry. My position as a Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst – Subject Matter Expert allows me to bring a unique perspective to the software development process. As a Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst, my role is to test the software before it reaches the customers; as …

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Soaring higher into aviation

Written by Lucy Elias, WOAW Acitivity Organizer Richard Branson once said, “there is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passion in a way that serves the world and you.” Growing up with an opportunity to frequently travel have always given me a sense of freedom and of purpose. I started collecting airline memorabilia and model planes from my flights at the age of eleven (11) years …

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Georgina Hunter-Jones, professional helicopter pilot by design

On a day-to-day basis, as a professional helicopter pilot, my life is varied. Some days I teach flying on the Schweizer 300 or Robinson R44, other days I will fly the JetRanger into a wedding venue or a race meeting. About once a week, I fly the London heliroutes (along the river though the capital) with a group of people. On another day I might ‘moonlight’ into fixed wing, doing, “a loop and a roll …

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Megan puts out fires – literally

Megan Grant had never heard of aviation rescue and firefighting until it came up as she browsed through the seek.com.au website at her previous work one day. Today, she is an Airservices Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter based at Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, Australia. She tells iWOAW about her unique aviation job. A day in the life of an aviation rescue fire fighter My role is an operational in nature. I work a four-day-on four-day-off shift …

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