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Women color the skies during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week

Interactive visualisation of activities during the week
Interactive visualization of activities during the week

Women are playing a critical role in aviation each day. Let’s show the world!

Calling all female commercial pilots, air traffic controllers, dispatchers, mechanics, engineers… any woman involved in the operation of commercial flights in a technical capacity.

planefinderThorough Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, March 4-10, 2013, the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide and PlaneFinder.net will collect the flight tracks of commercial flights operated in part by a woman in a technical capacity as well as the flight tracks of female introductory flights conducted worldwide.

The project named “Women Color The Skies” will combine the collected flight tracks to create an online animated and interactive visualization of the current involvement of women within the industry as well as the level of engagement on the part of the industry to encourage more to join.

Professional women of aviation involved in commercial flight operations in a technical capacity such pilot, air traffic controller, dispatcher, mechanic, engineer, etc. are invited to report their professional activities of the week to see the flight tracks of their flights added to the online visualization while pilots introducing girls and women to flying are invited to report their flights.

Let’s come together and show the world what today’s Women Of Aviation are doing and how many excited future Women Of Aviation are looking forward to following them in their footsteps.

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