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Women can help build a better air and space industry post-Covid – if we invite them

One year after Covid19 began racing across the world, wiping out lives and jobs, it might be surprising to advocate that promoting aviation and space opportunities to women and girls during Women Of Aviation Week 2021 is more important than ever.

More women than men are looking for a new career path

Statistics show that more women than men lost their jobs due to Covid19 – not just in the industry, everywhere. That means that more women than men are currently looking for a new path forward.

We all come equipped with many skills and talents. For example, individuals with engineering skills could use them to design cars, aircraft, or computer mainframes. When choices abound, passion leads the decision process. That’s why it is more important than ever to promote our industry to women this year.

In many countries, governments established emergency support systems for individuals out of work. The programs often include options to retrain for a new career or a new industry. If aviation and space careers are not on women’s radar, they will not select them.

That is why it is more critical than ever to seek women’s attention this March 8-14 and present them our options if we want their insights and skills to rebuild post-Covid.

It takes years to train air and space professionals

It takes 4 years to go from the first flight lesson to a co-pilot seat at a major airline according to Delta Air Lines. 4 years happens to also be how long it takes to become an engineer or an MBA graduate.

Recovery for the industry sectors most affected by Covid 19 will take at least 3 years. Experts predict exponential growth during and after the recovery. Now is the perfect time to start training towards an air and space career.

At a time where the number of extra curriculum activities for girls are limited, we can fill the void with engaging in-person or virtual discovery experiences to put the careers of our industry on their radar. Something as simple as building Pink Paper Planes can trigger their interest in knowing more.

Many air and space industry sectors are vibrant despite Covid19

The most familiar industry sector, passenger flights, has been battered down by the Covid19 pandemic but the number of cargo flights has grown significantly.

On the space front, we hear about exciting advancements almost daily. Military aviation is not affected at this time. Emerging sectors such drone development and air mobility innovation continue. These sectors present great opportunities for women to contribute while enjoying high-paying careers – if they know.

How will you engage women and girls during Women Of Aviation Week 2021 and invite them to help build a better air and space industry?

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