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WOAW is Ready for Takeoff

Women Of Aviation Week has been making the dreams of girls and women around the globe come true for over four years. Much like the Olympics, a week with such an impact deserves an appropriate opening ceremony.

The inaugural WOAW Opening Ceremony will ignite the spark to awaken aeronautic vocations among girls and women in the local region and those watching the livestream online as we introduce them to our special guest women of aviation. Come and make history as you mingle with our special guests and enjoy unique aviation activities.

With a resume that includes Chanel and Christian Dior, model Nadia Marcinko has moved up to much longer runways. Now widely known as “Gulfstream Girl”, Nadia is now a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Always the passionate entrepreneur, she is also the CEO of AviLoop an online business connecting pilots to aviation deals. Whatever the runway, Nadia is a role model to girls and women around the globe and is excited to act as host of the opening ceremony.

A career change at age 50 launched Jacquie Warda into the world of aerobatics. Exclaiming that “the sky never runs out up!” Jacquie flies her Extra 300 in Reno air races and aerobatic competitions. Always full of adventure, she’s tumbling in planes or tumbling out of them while skydiving, or riding her Harley and learning new languages, Jacquie is proof that it’s never too late (or early) to start something new. It’s this contagious drive that brings Jacquie to the Women Of Aviation Week opening ceremony.

While our other special guests are flying planes, Jana McWhorter prefers to be walking on their wings. Always the daredevil, Jana earned nickels from boys in her neighborhood by accepting dares. Now accepting the awe and applause from crowds, Jana performs regularly for the Flying Circus. As she dazzles those crowds, Jana will dazzle future wingwalkers around the world.

Closing off the list of inspirational women, travelling all the way from France to inspire at the opening ceremony is Aude Lemordant. Doing aerobatics as both a hobby and a career, in 2011 Aude was the French Female champion and 2nd place worldwide champion of the Aerobatic Freestyle Challenge. In 2013, Aude became was named the World Aerobatic Champion. When not flying, Aude can be found exploring Paris or kitesurfing. Proving that aerobatics is not just for the boys, Aude is the perfect guest to interact with the future of aviation.

Besides meeting prominent women of aviation, the Opening Ceremony offers participants exciting learning activities. Participants will learn how air traffic control keeps tracks of all the aircraft in the air and on the ground in a miniature airport activity. Participants are invited to try on jackets and goggles to see what they would look like if they were to become a fighter pilot. Other museum activities include hands on displays and simulators to learn all about the science behind flight.

The College Park Aviation Museum is a 27,000 square foot facility that resides next to the oldest continuously operating airport in the country. Rich in history, the museum is home to many firsts, to include the first military aviation training center, the first US Air Mail service and the first women passenger. The museum exhibits, wall to wall windows with a view of the runway and history leads participants to the ultimate venue for the Women Of Aviation Week Opening Ceremony.

On Monday, March 3rd, come out to the College Park Aviation Museum or direct your browser to our live internet stream. The Women Of Aviation Week Opening Ceremony will inspire you to push your limits, to dream big, and to know what it’s like to be a woman of aviation.

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