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Why your participation in Women Of Aviation Week is so important


A word from WOAW week founder, Mireille Goyer, in the Vancouver Sun


Do you think that flying an aircraft would be pretty cool but you are not sure whether it is for you? Do you think that you have to be a male to fly an aircraft? Do you have questions about all the various careers available to you in aviation?

Now is your time to find out.

Pilots around the world are so excited to welcome you at the airport and introduce you to all the opportunities aviation has to offer during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. You will never meet nicer and more generous people. They put their lives aside just to be able to share their passion with you.

So take the dare. Participate in one of the many events happening, enter the various contests, or join this community of caring human beings and you, too, could soon be a contributing member of the aviation family.

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