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Where is the Pink Paper Plane?

Make history. Help set a world record for Most Pink Paper Plane Locations. It is easy and fun! Download our free Pink Paper Plane template, make a Pink Paper Plane, take a photo, and upload to our Pink Paper Plane World Map before the deadline.

Where is the Pink Paper Plane?

Our goal is to collect Pink Paper Plane photos taken in 650 different locations across the globe to beat the standing record of 517 locations,

In 2023, WOAW will give awards to the individuals or groups who contribute the most outstanding photos to the Pink Paper Plane World Map in the following categories:

  • Photo with most people holding/flying Pink Paper Planes
  • Photo with most creative artwork made with Pink Paper Planes
  • Photo of Pink Paper Planes in the most unusual location

So download our free Pink Paper Plane template today, make plans to show off your Pink Paper Planes at school, at work, or at play anytime from March 6 to 12, 2023, and contribute to the world record attempt.

It pays to WOAW! Collect WOAW Points redeemable in our store. Join now.
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