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What’s new in 2018

Women Of Aviation Week, March 5-11, 2018, iWOAWSince its inception, the celebration of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week has grown exponentially thanks to individuals like you who decided to make a difference in their communities. The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) reviews outcome annually and implements needed changes to better engage, support, and reward all participants. Here is a summary of the key changes in 2018.

  • New award categories – iWOAW added two awards as part of the Fly It Forward Challenge: one for for-profit corporations (Most Female Friendly Corporation Worldwide) and the other for non-profit corporations (Most Female Friendly Association Worldwide). To win, these groups must not only organize at least one official activity, but they must also motivate their employees or members to get personally involved and support the group’s official activity or other WOAW Week official activities.
  • One aviation experience report per woman and girl, whether they fly or not – All women and girls who discover aviation during the Week are invited to submit a report, whether they get a chance to fly or not. Proof of presence at a WOAW Week activity is required to qualify for prizes.
  • All participants reports yield points in the organizer contest – As part of the organizer contest, 20 points are awarded to the activity organizer for each participant report we receive (women/girls, pilots, helpers, VIP).
  • Use WOAWie Points to order the organizer goodies kit and more – organizers that register their activity will receive 2,500 WOAWie points (enough to order one organizer goodies kit for 25 guests). Official activity organizers will also receive 2,500 WOAWie points when they complete their post-activity report, and 50 WOAWie points per valid participant (women/girls, pilots, helpers, VIP) report received. That will help the organizer’s WOAWie Points bank quickly. All the products in our online store can be purchased with WOAWie Points.
  • United across borders, help set a Guinness world record – iWOAW has received official approval from Guinness to attempt to set a new Pink Paper Planes world record. The attempt will take place on Pink Paper Plane Day, March 8, 2018, at a specific time for each geographical region (see map in the Guinness supplement).
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