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Up and away in Ghana

Up and away in Ghana
Sunrise over Kpong Field

On March 8 2010, Medecine on the Move at the Kpong Field in Ghana threw a big party to celebrate the Centennial of Women Pilots. They introduced 97 girls and women to flying in one day! There are back.

On March 5 2011, 67 girls and one woman took flight for the first time in the skies of Ghana. At 6:30 AM, the first bus loaded with children from Techiman arrived at the airport. Soon thereafter, children from Kete Krachi, a 24-hour boat ride, children from Asesewa area, a rural area near the lake edge, and children from Somanya joined them.

Up and away in Ghana
The awaiting fleet

Four aircraft lined up neatly at the runway edge waited for their pilots and passengers. The pilots included Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi, Ghana’s only LSA class female instructor, Jonathan, director of the Medicine on the Move organization, NYPD Detective Erin Nolan, and USA aerobatic pilot, Melissa Pemberton.

Up and away in Ghana
Discovering flying with Patricia

Looking across at the fence line, the smiling face of the first youngster of the day changed the overcast to the brightest sunshine you could imagine. Life itself emanated from each of the youngsters as they approached the aircraft and pilot that would release them from the bonds of earth for a few minutes.

It took five hours of non-stop flying but at the end of the day, these young people were changed and changed those around them, magnificently.

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