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The U.S Spins into Women Of Aviation Week

Life is full of demands and full of to do lists. Often, you may not know which direction you are headed and feel that you may be spiraling out of control. You’re a plane performing a roll through the sky, then a spin downwards towards earth. Behind those many to do lists and in the cockpit of that plane are just one thing: determined women.

The plane isn’t out of control after all, the spins are carefully executed. Years of practice turn spirals into aerial art. Clear out your to do list this year and make room for something life changing: Women Of Aviation Week. This year, we celebrate 100 years of female aerobatic pilots. It all started with one confident woman: Lidia Svereva. She smashed through gender barriers while running an airplane factory, then became the first woman to perform a loop in an airplane. During Women Of Aviation Week, March 3-9, 2014, thousands of determined girls and women will realize that, “Yes, I can do this, too!” What airport will the next Lidia Svereva fly out of? The United States is throttling up and ready to celebrate!

Three week-long activities are planned in the state of Washington. Methow Valley is getting in on the action for the first year while Twisp Airport hosts their second annual event. The Museum of Flight in Seattle is encouraging women for their third year in a row. Women are welcomed to take flights on Saturday and Sunday and are also invited to enjoy STEMTASTIC activities.

San Carlos, CA is hosting Women Of Aviation Week events for their second annual year, offering free flights to girls and women all week long. Friday the Hiller Aviation Museum will be hosting a panel of accomplished women of aviation such as Lieutenant Colonel Olga E. Custodio the first Hispanic female military pilot.

The big state of Texas is home to three events! Addison Airport and US Sport Aircraft offers a day dedicated to the ladies complete with discovery flights, snacks, tours and special presentations! Meanwhile, both Calhoun Air Center locations in Victoria and Port Lavaca will be flying hundreds of girls to keep their “most female friendly” titles again this year.

Fly it Forward, Boise is Idaho’s classy Women Of Aviation Week event. Following their first flight participants are invited to enjoy snacks and sparkling cider to toast this adventure! Afterward they can spend time touring static displays and booths to learn more about general aviation.

Holladay Aviation, a brand new flights school in Jacksonville, FL knows how important gender diversity is and immediately agreed to participate in Women Of Aviation Week. Participants will receive free flights, learn about aviation careers and be able to assist a local charity, as well!

Frederick Municipal Airport, in Frederick, MD, is happy to be hosting their fourth annual event entitled “Passport to Adventure”. That is exactly what’s waiting for all those who attend: Interactive airport activities, special guests and free flights are just a sample of what’s in store for Frederick participants.

All the fun starts off with the Women Of Aviation Week Opening Ceremony on March 3rd in College Park, MD, which includes special guests like World Aerobatic Champion Aude Lemordant. Can’t make it? It will be aired online so people around the world can get in on the celebration!

With just over a month to go, new events are being added each week. Will your airport be among them? During Women Of Aviation Week girls and women from all walks of life will walk on to airports, some timid, some excited. Soon they will discover that the airplane isn’t just flailing through the sky. How many girls and women will add getting their pilot license to their to-do list this year? Will it be you?

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