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They came to fly and discovered that aviation is fun no matter what

It's raining

Although the weather in the Northwest decided to be good enough for more than 150 girls and women to take flight on Saturday in Arlington, WA, it did not quite work out that way for Renton, the next day.

Learning about preflighting an airplane

However, pouring down rain and punishing winds did not keep girls and women away from the airport. 139 of them came for their special day at the airport and turned the day into the biggest girl hangar flying party in Renton’s memory. As a matter of fact, BEFA had more cars parked outside in the history of aviation than any other FBO on a Sunday in the rain!

Lots of sunshine in the hangar

In the hangar, the sun was shinning. Ruth taught the girls how to do a walk-around and Gary entertained the ladies with everything you’d want to know about airplanes. Upstairs, cookies, and more information about anything aviation thanks to the many pilots, air traffic controller, and ERAU administrator on hand.

Airplanes are fun

The flight event turned into a great socializing and awareness ground event. A great inspiration for participating in Women of Aviation Worldwide Week when the weather decides to not cooperate. To view all the details on the Renton event, please visit Karlene’s website.

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