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They came, they discovered, and now they are taking flight

Abby is performing a careful preflight of the Diamond airplane

Writing contest winner in Seattle, WA, collected her prize – a first flight lesson provided by bronze sponsor, Galvin Flying Services based at Boeing Field, in Seattle, WA, USA.

Abby, waited patiently for her turn at the Renton Airport’s Fly-It-Forward event and left with a big smile on her face. When she became aware of the writing contest, she knew what to do: start writing.

Abby and Len are ready to fly in Seattle, WA, USA

A few days ago, she met her flight instructor, Len Quiat, a Boeing test pilot at the airport. After performing a careful preflight check, it was time to taxi and then, just fly!

“I have to say that my favorite part about the lesson was the take off and landing,” said Abby of her flight.

Meanwhile, 2,500 miles away, in Oshawa, ON, Canada, Brenda has signed up for her flight lessons. What’s more… she has secured an airplane ride to fly to AirVenture 2011!

Pilot Lesley (left) and Brenda (right) in Oshawa, ON, Canada

She, too, discovered flying at a Fly-It-Forward event. She had just lost her mother to cancer and was looking for a challenge when she saw the ad for the event. Afraid of flying, she needed a little reassurance and her pilot, Lesley, was more than happy to provide it.

After her first flight, she and Lesley stayed in touch. Lesley invited her along for a flight to lunch in May. That flight sealed the deal. Flight lessons were bought and a flight to Oshkosh, WI, was arranged.

Congratulations Abby and Brenda!

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