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Topics for the writing, art, and photo contests are announced

2011 art contest winning entry

With just a little less than 6 months to go before the beginning of the 2012 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, the subjects for the writing, art, and photo contests are now viewable.

In 2012, entries in the writing contest can be submitted in both English and French. In keeping with the 2012 theme, the writing contest subject is as follow: “Have you ever seen a plane take off or land on water? Did you wonder where they were going, what adventure they were on? Describe, in 300 words or less, why you would like to be at the controls of a seaplane on your own water adventure.” (view the subject in French)

The themes for the art contest and the photo contest are “Flying Over Water” and “Women and Seaplanes” respectively.

The writing and art contests are open to girls and women of all ages worldwide who are not holding a pilot license or taking flight lessons. On the other hand, the photo contest is open to everyone.

Prizes for the contests will be published on December 8 2011.

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