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Several thousands girls and women discover that aviation is for them too

Taking flight for the first time in Port Lavaca, TX

“What fantastic days – you should read some of the quotes they have.  They just didn’t know girls can fly,” remarks Dianne Stanger of Port Lavaca, TX, United States, who single handedly introduced 98 girls and women involved in local non-profit organizations to the joys of flying during the first annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week.

We want to meet you in Billings, MT

Thanks to dedicated pilots and aviation enthusiasts, a few thousands more know that aviation is for them too on three continents! What a successful first annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week.

Hangar flying party in Renton, WA

98% of the girls and women who participated to “Fly It Forward®” events answered “Yes” when asked in a follow-up survey if they would consider becoming involved in aviation as a result of the experience. 100% of the pilots surveyed responded that they are planning to participate in the 2012 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week.

Let’s go fly in Oshawa, ON

There were so many articles in the local and main media that I am still trying to catch up to create a list. What a great communication job each one of you did. And that’s not all. Many of the 707 girls and women who went on their first flight during the 2011 Women Of Aviation Worldwide week (nearly 1% of the women pilot population worldwide) shared the photos of their first flights on various popular social media websites. Our message was heard well beyond the airport fence.

Discovering flying with Patricia in Ghana

More than just introductory flights. Some museums had special exhibits about the women of aviation, several offered an opportunity to meet and listen to some prominent women of aviation, at some airports, local girls and women were given an opportunity to meet all-female flight crews who flew in, and at other airports, the week was celebrated with big girl hangar flying parties. Thousands of girls and women got a chance to witness that women do have a place in aviation.

Too much fun in Frederick, MD

Winners of the various trophies and prizes will be revealed on April 4 2011.

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