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Pink up your community or workplace with this Covid-safe WOAW event

Bring your community physically together and build a Pink Paper Plane mosaic during #WOAW21 – a contact-free event

Just because Covid restrictions limit the assembly of people in many parts of the world this year, it does not mean that your #WOAW21 event must be virtual.

The Pink Paper Plane Mosaic activity is easy to organize, highly effective to raise awareness and celebrate WOAW, and a great way to hand pick “bubbles” for a free flight or tour or raise funds for iWOAW”s Fly It Forward® fund.

Examples of Pink Paper Plane mosaics

7 simple steps to build a Pink Paper Plane mosaic

  1. Post your planned event on the official WOAW website
  2. Plan the design (optional – organize a design competition)
  3. Download and print the WOAW Pink and White paper plane templates
  4. Distribute them (see contact-free option on the right side) templates across your community (schools, supermarkets, employees, etc.)
  5. Collect the completed paper planes (optional – ask builder to add contact information on the back for prize drawings)
  6. Build the mosaic (optional – stream it live online)
  7. Document the square footage of your creations, the number of builders, and post an event report to become eligible for Fly It Forward Awards.

What will your community build together?

The iWOAW team is ready to help you make your WOAW project a success. Registered WOAW Organizers and WOAW Corporate Allies receive priority event support.


Download & print paper plane templates (as many as needed)

Download & print the Week’s official poster (one per location)

Download, edit, & print the paper plane manufacturer call-to-action poster (one per location)

Download & print the folding instructions (one per location)

Set up a stand with a collecting box for completed paper planes or drop at a location

Pick up the box on published date

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