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“No Excuses” in Kentucky

TAPPWomen Of Aviation Week is special in that each event around the globe has its own unique and individual touch.  Such is the case in Louisville, Kentucky, with the event “Teenage Pregnancy – An excuse to take to the sky”.

The Westport TAAP (Teenage Parent Program) School’s motto states that, “teenage pregnancy is not an excuse to fail but rather a chance to succeed.”  Through this school, young mothers are supported and encouraged to complete their high school diploma.  Every year, the have a 97% success rate!

Thanks to volunteers at Bowman Field Airport, these teenage mothers will be given an extra opportunity to soar and succeed.  On Friday, March 8th, the students curriculum will teach the young mothers to reach for the sky as they go through pilot ground school lessons.  The day will end by putting some of that knowledge to the test with a flight in a small aircraft!

Pregnancy and motherhood does not mean you have to give up on your dreams.   There are no excuses during Women Of Aviation Week.  On March 8th, these ladies will soar!




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