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I’ve Always Wanted to ____

I was interviewed by a female reporter about my work with Women Of Aviation Week and at the end of our conversation she stated how she has always wanted to learn to fly. It made me think about how often I hear this phrase and how often I, myself, said: “I always wanted to _”. Yet, too often, we fail to take action and end up never getting it done.

If we’ve always wanted to do something, what is stopping us?

What could we be capable of if where were unstoppable, if we were not afraid?

Have you always wanted to make a difference? All it takes is that one thought, or that one forward movement that could lead to a chain of events that could open up a new world of opportunity in a woman’s life. I have effected change after seeing a story on a blog about events focused on introducing women to aviation. My immediate reaction was to host one myself. In three years, over 750 girls and women received flights at my home airport. This chain of events led these women to learn that their future weren’t limited to the ground.

After three years hosting an event in Frederick, MD, I made the decision to pass on the reigns to a new event organizer so I could better focus on outreach throughout the US. I view my second year as US Team Leader as a challenge not only to myself, but to airports around the country. Last year, I became short of my goal to have a Women Of Aviation Week event in each of the 50 states of the US.

The word always can be defined as: all the time; continuously; uninterruptedly. I will all the time, continuously, uninterruptedly challenge my airport community to step up to the plate to make a difference. During WOAW week, let us introduce the equivalent 100 women per state to aviation in commemoration of 100 years of female aerobatic pilots!

Always can be defined as forever. Aviation is a passion that will be forever etched in my heart. I will always enjoy sharing it with others, and I know you will too. Always can also mean in any event and at any time. The phrase “I’ve always wanted to” can be turned into a “I did that” for any event, at any time. Women Of Aviation Week is the perfect time.

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