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Italian Fly Boys offer great food, historical engines on display, and free flights to Italian Fly Girls

The Italian Fly Boys, in association with Aeropubblicità and Volare Lontano, have quite a day planned to celebrate Women of Aviation Worldwide Week next Saturday.

It begins with welcome speeches by the Mayor and the President of the flight school. Then, Women Of Aviation’s history takes center stage before a presentation of two historical engines, the J79 Turbofan and the Wright 3550 off a B29. Just before lunch, guests will be invited to take a tour of all the facilities available at the airport.

Lunch includes American-style BBQ and paella.

Then, it is time to fly! Free introductory flights for ladies in C152, C172, and Zenair 601XLB LSA aircraf, scenic flights for couples and family in C172, and acrobatic flights in CAP 10.

If you are anywhere near the Thiene Airport, approximately 100 kms northwest of Venice, on March 12, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

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