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Inspirational Line Up of Women Of Aviation Week Guest Speakers

Women Of Aviation Week aims to honor the women pilots of the past, recognize the ones of the present and to encourage the female pilots of the future. Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman and Harriet Quimby are amazing women pilots who made their way into aviation history. During Women Of Aviation Week we have remarkable guests such as Colonel Pamela Melroy, Grace-Tiscareño-Sato and Janet Petro who will inspire the pilots of aviation’s future. Here are some more featured speakers:

San Carlos
, CA

Those in the San Carlos area are told to prepare for an “out of this world” evening with the special guests they have lined up. Grace-Tiscareño-Sato a writer, motivational speaker, and veteran Air Force pilot and trainer will be the first to speak.

To make the event even more exciting, the San Carlos event just added a second, surprise guest speaker! This accomplished female speaker is involved in extremely important research related to aviation safety and is not to be missed!

, FL

Naturally, the Space Coast has some exciting guests to offer. To start, the women of NASA, to include astronauts, pilots, scientists and engineers will be available for a meet and greet. Ending the day will be a 1940’s-60’s themed banquet featuring key note speaker NASA Kennedy Space Center Deputy Director Janet Petro. Director Petro is a West Point graduate and an accomplished military helicopter pilot.

, ID

GeneNora Jessen led the way for future female astronauts with her involvement in NASA’s Mercury program and continues to fly today. She will be inspiring future ladies on similar paths with her presentation at the Fly it Forward event in Boise.

, MD

The Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, MD will play host to one of only 56 women to travel into space, Colonel Pamela Melroy. After three shuttle missions, Colonel Melroy also has 924 hours in space and is one of only two women to command the space shuttle.

Continuing to inspire women to enter the aerospace industry is Dr. Mamta Nagaraja, project manager of the Women@NASA project. Before this project, Dr. Nagaraja worked at the Johnson Space Center, where she prepared astronauts for life aboard the International Space Station.

The Frederick presentations will feed live on the internet at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 2:00 PM Eastern.

, WA

The Museum of Flight in Seattle has an impressive line up of guest speakers throughout Women Of Aviation Week! Special guests share their stories of transatlantic flights, the history of the Women Air Force Service Pilot Program, and the life of Bessie Coleman. Other discussions will be hosted on the exploration of Mars. The week concludes with a “Flights of Fancy” concert.

With 22 events listed in the United States and over 60 worldwide, the women pilots of the past would be proud to see how far their modern counterparts have come. Imagine how much can be accomplished in the future.

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