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Help build the world’s largest photo mosaic of Pink Paper Planes

Fly Pink Paper Planes at home, at work, or at play and send us your photos.

During Women Of Aviation Week 2022, we will be building the world’s first collaborative mosaic made entirely with photos of people from across the globe and their Pink Paper Planes.

Anyone can contribute regardless of local Covid restrictions. Together, we will create a powerful visual message, one photo at a time. The artwork to be revealed on March 7 will be a testament to our commitment to remember our history, celebrate our achievements, and shape the future of aviation.

Participating is easy. Download WOAW Pink Paper Plane templates (English, French, Spanish, or Turkish) and build Pink Paper Planes. Take photos by yourself or with your group anytime during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. Upload them in our website before the end of the Week. That’s it.

We will award a personalized poster of the final mosaic artwork to the winners of the Most Unusual Pink Paper Plane photo, Most WOAW Pink Paper Planes in one photo, and Most people with WOAW Pink Paper Planes in one photo contests.

Planning an event? Add a Pink Paper Plane activity. Conducting Fly It Forward flights? Take a Pink Paper Plane on a ride. Stuck at work? Take Pink Paper Planes to your workplace.

So start planning, be creative, and have fun.

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