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Happy Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week!

Happy Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week!
Happy Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week!

“I was annoyed from the start by the attitude of doubt by the spectators that I would never really make the flight. This attitude made me more determined than ever to succeed,” said Harriet Quimby before taking off for France.

Doubts that women are interested in aviation, doubts that women can fly, doubts that women can work together… these doubts are constantly aimed at girls and women and they are impending their success in communities and at airports.

Over the last two years, the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week have proven that:

  • Women ARE interested in aviation with hundreds of them rushing to the airport during Women Of Aviation Week when they are told that they are welcomed.
  • Women DO fly as so many women pilots take girls and women up for a flight and lead by example.
  • Women from all walks of life CAN work together towards a common goal, as events led by women are set to take place in many countries during the 2012 Women Of Aviation Week.

On March 10, 2012, individuals and organizers alike are planning a worldwide show of unity. Pilots around the world will introduce girls and women at their local airport to join the many planned events.

We expect flights to take place at 100 airports or more to mark 100 years since the crossing of the first English Channel by airplane and the first flight in a seaplane with women at the controls, Harriet Quimby and Helene Dutrieu, respectively.

Over the English Channel, aircraft with girls and women onboard are expected to stream non-stop for more than one hour to form a virtual bridge between France and England as a salute to Harriet’s flight. In fact, the response was so strong that the airports will be at full capacity and NOTAMS will be issued to reserve the airport to participating aircraft.

At the Frederick Airport, the enthusiasm among the female public was so high that registrations for a flight were closed 3 weeks prior to the event. In Texas, Calhoun Air Center, is taking over two airports, Port Lavaca and Victoria, to defend their titles.
Expecting a high of -15°C (5°F), Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories, has planned airline and military displays and is aiming to introduce up to 500 girls to the fun of flying. Meanwhile, Petersborough, ON, CANADA, is readying for a 2-day event.
Many more events are planned and each is bound to be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Even if you can’t attend an event, you can still be a part of it. Some of the events will be streaming live video online at www.ustream.tv/user/womenofaviation. You can receive a notification when any of the programs begin by the selecting the channel of interest and then clicking on “Join the Crowd”.

We plan to stream the flight across the English Channel of Esther, our video contest winner, so that everyone can be part of that historical flight.

Good competitions always include a luck element. The March weather is our wild card.

So be prepared to make all the girls and women present enter the writing or art contests should the weather get in the way. The price is a flight lesson and each participant qualifies for the “First-to-Solo” challenge $500 USD prize. All entries must be submitted on March 14, 2012 at the latest.

Any flight to introduce a girl or a woman during Women Of Aviation Week is great and makes a difference! However, it won’t officially count unless you report it before March 14, 2012, for individual flights, and March 17, 2012 for an event.

Thanks to our many sponsors, we have many amazing prizes up for grab. Who will win? The answer will be published on April 4, 2012, and so will be, the names of the winners of the various titles.

Hours away from the official beginning of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, let our aircraft engines roar and create a beautiful one-week symphony.

Happy Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week!

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