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Girls Race for the Sky in Ohio

Wintersville-300x225The first year women were allowed to air race against their male counterparts, Louise Thaden, then age 24,  took home the first place trophy.  She was also the first licensed woman pilot in the state of Ohio.  Also racing to earn trophies in Ohio, is the Jefferson County Airport in Wintersville, eager to make their mark during Women Of Aviation Week!

What do female participants have to look forward to on March 9th? Elementary school students can tour a airplane hangar, view static displays, and enter a glider contest. Those in middle school and high school will also get to learn all about aviation charts, pilot lingo, determining if the weather is safe to fly and aerodynamics! On top of all this, airplane rides are also available for only $30 per person!

Event organizer, Natalie Campana, had a personal reason for bringing a Women Of Aviation Week event to her home airport.

“I fell in love with aviation at the tender age of three! Finally, at 33, I achieved my ticket and am currently studying for the Ground Instructor rating! Now I want to share with my community the amazing opportunities aviation has to offer especially to future lady aviators.  Thank you WOAW for this amazing chance to share together on a global level!”

Thank you, Natalie, for putting together such an inspirational and fun event during Women Of Aviation Week. We know you will get many thanks from all your participants, too!

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