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Frederick Airport celebrates its awards with a hangar party

Hey, the party is here!

Just a day after Cinco de Mayo, the Frederick Aviation Community got together to celebrate their awards and discover their trophies and their new banner donated by AOPA.

Fun & food at the hangar

Aviation Insurance Resources gracefully sponsored the get together attended by 25 people, opened up their hangar, and provided the barbecued food. Victoria, the Fly It Forward® event organizer, used her baking skills to assemble a delicious cake decorated as an airport.

The weather was far less friendly than it was on March 11. However, it provided great entertainment: impressive lightning, a spring shower, and a magnificent double rainbow.

Victoria presents the plaque to Lin

During the evening, Victoria presented Lin, first runner up for the 2011 Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide title with a plaque. Unfortunately, Judy Redlawsk, second runner up for the 2011 Most Dedicated Female Flight Instructor Worldwide was not able to attend to receive her plaque.

2011 Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide Trophy

To complete the evening, Victoria revealed the trophy for the 2011 Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide title that the Frederick Airport Community won by introducing the most girls and women to flying during the 2011 Women Of Aviation Week.

The community spirit is still going strong at the Frederick Airport. Congratulations!

Well done Frederick Airport Aviation Community!


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