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Design a poster. Win a WOAW Jacket + 10,000 WOAW Points

You could win a WOAW Jacket plus 10,000 WOAW Points and see your design work displayed at WOAW events across the globe!
WOAW 2023 Jacket

iWOAW is calling on artists everywhere to help event organizers promote their events and educate their guests. The 2023 edition of the WOAW Poster Design Contest includes 3 entry categories, each rewarded with a prize:

  • Fly It Forward®: Design a poster to convey and promote the spirit of the Week, celebrate women’s past and present accomplishments by introducing the next generation of women to aviation activities and opportunities.
  • Pink Paper Planes: Design a poster to encourage everyone to take the PPP challenge.
  • Air & Space Careers: Design a poster to highlight the many careers (support, manufacturing, airborne, etc.) that make flight in the air and in space possible.

Posters must be in A3 or tabloid formats. All text (any language) must editable be and translatable. Designs must include a WOAW logo. We only accept WORD or POWER POINT files. All other file formats will be disregarded.

Entry deadline: December 18, 2022
Winner announcement: January 10, 2023

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