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AOPA’s home airport, Frederick, is ready for a great ‘women fly’ party!

AOPA's home airport, Frederick, is ready for a great 'women fly' party!
Your host, Victoria

With already 200 girls and women clamoring for a chance to go on a flight on March 12 at the Frederick Airport, Victoria, the event organizer is really busy but she is not alone. She has rallied 25 pilots who are ready to give the ladies free flights. That’s not all.

Girls and women are invited to walk over to the EAA education center and take part of the process of preflighting an aircraft and witness the building of small aircraft. Female Air Traffic Controllers, airline pilots, aircraft mechanics, and even a female wing walker/aerobatic performer will be on hand to answer girls and women’s questions.

The military will also be present. The USAF 1st Squadron Helicopter team from Andrews AFB with two female pilots will attend as well as some other female military professionals.  There will also be static displays of a glider, ultralight, Piper Cub, a Stearman, and a Huey helicopter.

Oh and… there is also tons of food!

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