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And yes, there is an official Women Of Aviation Week Cake!

Official Women Of Aviation Week Cake

The city of Oshawa proclaimed March 7 to 13, 2011 as ‘Women Of Aviation Week’. Arlington created the official Women Of Aviation Week Cake!

When I arrived in Arlington, WA, on Saturday, I did see the cake. However, it was a popular attraction at the Out Of the Blue Aviation event. “Women Of Aviation” was all that remained by early afternoon. Today, Cathy, Out of the Blue Aviation owner and event organizer, sent me the before photo.

Have you seen a better looking cake?

First flight candidate in the REMOS airplane

The cake was not the only attraction at the Arlington event. There was talking about flying or just life over hot chocolate and espresso and of course going on a flight for the first time.

Marla, one of the pilots who flew tiredlessly

The REMOS Light Sport barely stopped long enough to take another first flight candidate. The helicopter was also a popular choice. There were many more aircraft. I can’t wait to get the final count but I already know that over 150 first flights took place on Saturday in Arlington.

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