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All girls onboard the UPS Airbus A300 in Billings, MT

(left to right) Jodi, Terri, and April

Now, that was fun! On March 8 2011, two UPS A300 captains, Terri Donner and Jodi Budenaers (acting as first officer on this flight) flew in Billings, MT.

But, that’s not all! The last three phases of the flight, final approach, tower, and ground were handled by an all female ATC team lead by Tammy Kantorowicz.

The Billings Airport management team was also gracious enough to enlist their local female police clerk to make the following PA announcement prior to the arrival of the special UPS Airbus: “It’s International Women’s Day. At 5:15 PM, meet a UPS Airbus all-female flight crew and an all-female traffic controller team at the west end of the baggage claim area.”

All onboard in Billings, MT

After they landed, Terri and Jodi joined UPS first officer April Valenzuela to meet local girls and women and the media. Once the airplane was unloaded, everyone was invited to climb onboard and take a look. What a treat!

View the Billings Gazette article, the KTVQ report, and the KURL8 report on the event.

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