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All female ATC to welcome UPS Airbus all female flight crew in Billings on IWD

Visiting the Airbus with Terri

Billings, MT, is in for a real treat on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, tomorrow.

UPS Airbus Captain, Terri Donner, and UPS Airbus Captain, Jodi Budenaers, acting as first officer on that flight, are scheduled to land tomorrow at the Billings Airport at 5:29 PM. The Air Traffic Controllers during the final enroute phase of the flight, the landing, and taxiing will be also be women.

The public gets a unique chance to meet these professional and inspiring Women of Aviation at the terminal after they land. What’s more when the aircraft is unloaded at about 6:15 PM, some girls and women will be invited to visit the aircraft with Terri and Jodi as their guides.

What an opportunity! Don’t miss it.

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