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2011 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week winners announced

Art contest winning entry

“Smiles for miles” was the title of an article describing the amazing event organized by Victoria in Frederick, Maryland, USA. With 185 flights, the Frederick Airport Aviation Community wins the coveted “Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the World” title.

In the pilot categories, Dianna Stanger of Port Lavaca, TX, introduced 98 girls and women to flying in her Eurocopter EC120 and wins the “Most Dedicated Female Pilot in the World” title and AOPA’s exclusive watch while Laith Barnhill of Arlington, WA, USA wins the “Most Supportive Male Pilot in the World” title and AOPA’s Zulu watch.

Cathy Montgomery of Peterborough, ON, CANADA, flew her open cockpit Trike in -2 Celsius temperature 19 times to earn the “Most Dedicated Female Flight Instructor in the World” title. In Arlington, WA, USA, Casey Cowan braved the rainy weather and introduced 23 girls and women to flying to win the “Most Supportive Male Flight Instructor in the World” title.

Jasmine Gordon of Port Lavaca, TX, USA, chose to give back to the people who give so much to the local community. She invited volunteers of local non-profit organizations to come to the airport for a flight. She wins the “Most Creative Aviation Advocate” title.

“Why I Want To Fly” was the question for the Karlene Petitt’s writing contest. Ciara Thompson of GHANA, is the worldwide winner of the contest. Sarah Higgins of the USA sent the winning art titled “Flying Free From the Chains of the Earth” and Terri Donner of the USA sent the winning photo.

Over seven hundred girls and women introduced to flying and several thousands more aware of the opportunities available to them in aviation are the true winners of this event.

“It was a lot of fun – I have signed up for my first lesson/flight encounter at the Gaithersburg Airpark,” said Carol of Maryland, USA.

There are many more comments and thank you’s for each organizer, pilot, and volunteer. Your generosity and kindness were noticed. Each and everyone of you is an outstanding ambassador of aviation. Thank you.

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