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WAASP in Ghana to introduce 100 girls and women to flying

On March 8 2010, the aviation community of Kpong Field introduced 97 girls and women to flying to celebrate the Centennial of Women Pilots. They had so much fun that they have decided to make it an annual event. In true Capt Yaw fashion, they are planning an even bigger event this year. Learn more about this wonderful group of pilots by visiting their website.

Calling on all professional Women of Aviation

Help us celebrate the Women of Aviation Worldwide Week. Volunteer to help at an event, commit to speak to a group of girls or women about your job, organize a “day at the office” for local girls and women, bring a reporter to work, write about your involvement in aviation, etc… There are so many ways you can involved, it is up to you. But please make sure to make yourself visible to your community …

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Fly It Forward® event in Renton, WA

The Fly It Forward® Challenge is back

Salute the girls and women in your life that inspired you and/or help you. Take a non-pilot girl or woman on a short flight to introduce her to the joys of flying. Let’s welcome a record number of girls and women to aviation during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week. The 2011 edition of the Fly It Forward® Challenge has additional awards. Here is the list: 2011 ‘Most Female-Pilot-Friendly Airport in the World’ (airport with most …

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