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Why your participation in Women Of Aviation Week is so important

    Do you think that flying an aircraft would be pretty cool but you are not sure whether it is for you? Do you think that you have to be a male to fly an aircraft? Do you have questions about all the various careers available to you in aviation? Now is your time to find out. Pilots around the world are so excited to welcome you at the airport and introduce you to …

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We can’t stop talking about the amazing experience we had!

They flew yesterday and here is what they said: “We wanted to thank you again for a great day yesterday. The girls did not stop talking about it all night. You provided great memories for them. Thank you again.” – The Beers, Oshawa, ON “We all wanted to say thank you so much for giving us an outstanding opportunity today! We can’t stop talking about the amazing experience we had.” – Nadia, Oshawa, ON

The City of Oshawa, ON, proclaims March 7-13, Women Of Aviation Week

The City Council of Oshawa, at a meeting held on February 22, 2011, proclaimed March 7 to 13, 2011 as ‘Women Of Aviation Week’. The City added that it is proud of the valuable service Women Licensed Pilots provide to their citizens. Furthermore, Mayor Henry and members of City Council wish us every success in our activities celebrating this event. Thank you, City Of Oshawa, for your support to all the pilots and Oshawa businesses …

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All female ATC to welcome UPS Airbus all female flight crew in Billings on IWD

Billings, MT, is in for a real treat on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, tomorrow. UPS Airbus Captain, Terri Donner, and UPS Airbus Captain, Jodi Budenaers, acting as first officer on that flight, are scheduled to land tomorrow at the Billings Airport at 5:29 PM. The Air Traffic Controllers during the final enroute phase of the flight, the landing, and taxiing will be also be women. The public gets a unique chance to …

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AOPA’s home airport, Frederick, is ready for a great ‘women fly’ party!

With already 200 girls and women clamoring for a chance to go on a flight on March 12 at the Frederick Airport, Victoria, the event organizer is really busy but she is not alone. She has rallied 25 pilots who are ready to give the ladies free flights. That’s not all. Girls and women are invited to walk over to the EAA education center and take part of the process of preflighting an aircraft and …

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