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Take a sneak peek at the 2011 WOAW Week First Flight Certificate

It is here. It is ready. It is only missing the name of its rightful recipient! When you submit a flight report with the names and the email addresses of the girls and women that you introduce to flying, they will receive this unique digital First Flight Certificate, complete with their name and the name of their pilot. The certificate includes small photos of three key women pilots: Raymonde de Laroche, first woman to earn …

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Girls and women in Billings, MT, to visit a UPS Airbus A330 flown in by all female crew

Girls and women in Billings, MT, are in for a treat! An all-female flight crew will land a UPS Airbus A330 in Billings, MT, at 5:30 PM on March 8, the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and the 101st anniversary of the first female pilot license earned by Raymonde de Laroche of France. At 5:30 PM, UPS A330 Captain, Terri Donner,  and her female co-pilot will touch down at the Billings Airport in Montana. …

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Ultra light flights in Peterborough, ON, helicopter rides in Arlington, WA, flights near Venice, Italy

More events and more opportunities for girls and women to taste flight during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week! Aerotrike Aviation and the COPA#34 group will be introducing girls and women to flying in ultra lights and other aircraft Peterborough, ON, Canada. Cathy, Out of The Blue Aviation, has added helicopter rides and is working on including glider flights as well for the event on March 12 in Arlington, WA, USA. Aeropubblicità and Volare Lontano are …

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The excitment is building. Read what they say when they RSVP to fly.

The excitment is building! Sense the smiles and the anticipation in the remarks added to the RSVP info for the various Fly It Forward® events listed. “Jasmine is the daughter, Sierra is the mother. Jas is the one interested in aviation, thank you!” – Sierra, Frederick, MD, USA “Thank you for the opportunity! They are two 11-year old girls who have never flown in a small plane, they’d be thrilled to have the chance.” – …

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The Verified Women Friendly Flight Training Facility list is growing

Serving female customers is mandated by law. Seeking women customers’ business and valuing it are not. The WOAW Verified Women Friendly Flight Training Facility seal and the WOAW Verified Women Aviation Business seal help customers quickly identify flight training facilities and aviation businesses that have demonstrated that they participates in community outreach programs towards girls and women and are actively promoting aviation to girls and women. When you shop for aviation products or flight training, …

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