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Winner of the writing contest in Los Angeles takes flight

“I LOVED it! I was nervous, happy, and filled with pure joy all at once. The day was perfect,” said Daniella of her first flight in a small airplane. “It’s almost hard to describe, when one is being reintroduce to the world this way. I could see the Catalina Island, The queen Mary, downtown, and even the hills close to my home. Everything was working so perfectly. The hills were green, the water was like …

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First-to-Solo Challenge is on!

With over 700 girls and women introduced to flying during the 2011 Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, the competition to be first to solo and win the stunning and collectible Pedre-Triumph AOPA Watch along with an Aviation World’s $20 USD Gift Certificate should be wide open. The 1st and 2nd runner up will each receive an Aviation World’s $20 USD Gift Certificate. So if learning to fly is your destiny, don’t delay. Get started today …

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2011 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week winners announced

“Smiles for miles” was the title of an article describing the amazing event organized by Victoria in Frederick, Maryland, USA. With 185 flights, the Frederick Airport Aviation Community wins the coveted “Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the World” title. In the pilot categories, Dianna Stanger of Port Lavaca, TX, introduced 98 girls and women to flying in her Eurocopter EC120 and wins the “Most Dedicated Female Pilot in the World” title and AOPA’s exclusive …

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Several thousands girls and women discover that aviation is for them too

“What fantastic days – you should read some of the quotes they have.  They just didn’t know girls can fly,” remarks Dianne Stanger of Port Lavaca, TX, United States, who single handedly introduced 98 girls and women involved in local non-profit organizations to the joys of flying during the first annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. Thanks to dedicated pilots and aviation enthusiasts, a few thousands more know that aviation is for them too on …

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Frederick Airport, MD, sets a new “one day, one location” aviation record

“I used to think that I had to get all my ratings and become a successful professional pilot before I could make a difference in aviation. I have recently learned, however, that I can make an impact regardless of my piloting title,” writes Victoria, Frederick’s event organizer, in her blog. And what an impact she made! Because of her and her leadership, 185 girls and women as young as 6 months and as old as …

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