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Leading Turkiye to WOAW the world

Turkey first joined the Women Of Aviation Week celebration in 2014. Since then, Turkish individuals, groups, and corporations have won multiple Fly It Forward® Awards and Turkey has taken the lead for most official WOAW events with 376 to date. Along with Canada and the United States, it is one of the countries that officially recognizes and celebrates Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. One man, Can Erel, was key to Turkey’s involvement and success. He …

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Help build the world’s largest photo mosaic of Pink Paper Planes

Fly Pink Paper Planes at home, at work, or at play and send us your photos. During Women Of Aviation Week 2022, we will be building the world’s first collaborative mosaic made entirely with photos of people from across the globe and their Pink Paper Planes. Anyone can contribute regardless of local Covid restrictions. Together, we will create a powerful visual message, one photo at a time. The artwork to be revealed on March 7 …

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5 cool Women Of Aviation Week event ideas that do not cost anything but time

Some Women Of Aviation Week event organizers dedicate more than 600 volunteer hours to organize large and intricate community events with thousands of women and girls in attendance. Their events may combine thousands of Fly It Forward® flights, experiential activities, industry booths, static aircraft displays, and interactions with notable female role models. These types of event do not only require extensive time investment and a resource-generous geographic location, they also require funds. They represent only …

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FAA drops airmen from NOTAM terminology

As December 2, 2021, the long name for NOTAMs switched from Notices to Airmen to Notices to Air Missions. The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide who was first to denounce the FAA’s gender-excluding terminology and advocate for its replacement welcomes the change in terminology for NOTAMs. In a good sign for things to come, the FAA also dropped “airmen” in the target group description and replaced it with “personnel”, a gender neutral used by …

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Josephine Baker, the first pilot at the Pantheon

The remains of France’s most outstanding citizens are found at the Pantheon in Paris. Only 81 persons have received the country’s highest honour since 1791, including Victor Hugo and Marie Curie. On November 30, 2021, Josephine Baker became the sixth French woman, the first black person and the first pilot elevated to the Pantheon. American-born Baker got her last name at age 15 when she married her second husband. She had dropped out of school …

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