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TUI aircraft

Sexist airline registration practices cause an aircraft incident

Last July, the B737-800 pilots of a TUI Airways flight to Palma de Mallorca noticed discrepancies between the load sheet and the flight plan. On the load sheet, the take-off weight was 1600 kg less than the estimate on the flight plan and the passenger count indicated 38 more children than planned. After discussion, the crew decided to use the load sheet instead of the flight plan data to set the flight management system. As …

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Daphne - TSB Aviation Accident Investigator

Daphne, a real life Sherlock Holmes who makes flying safer

Daphne Boothe wanted to be become an aviation accident investigator. She tells iWOAW how she made her way to her dream job and what she does. From Royal Canadian Air Cadet to engineer to airline pilot to gain the required experience My plan to embark on a career in aviation started when I joined Royal Canadian Air Cadets in Winnipeg. Through the Air Cadets, I earned my glider licence and by the time I was …

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First flight across the Andes

100 years ago, this female pilot flew where no men had flown before

On April 1, 1921, Adrienne Bolland became the first woman to successfully fly across the highest section of the Andes mountain range – a section that killed five pilots who tried before her. Her trailblazing path through the peaks, the shortest, became the route that famous Aéropostale pilots like Jean Mermoz and Henri Guillaumet would follow. The turbulent last born of seven children, Bolland was known in the family as the “little terror”. “No one …

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Jacqueline Pulido, A320 pilot

Jacqueline Pulido, from airline brat to A320 pilot & instructor

You could say that Jacqueline Pulido was born into aviation. Her parents met at Mexicana Airlines, fell in love, dated, and got married. Her mom was a flight attendant but decided to stop flying when she was 3-4 months pregnant with Jackie. She did not return to flying however she was a true aviation lover. Her support inspired Jacqueline to continue in her career and sustained her during setbacks. Jackie and her sisters were involved …

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Girl in pilot uniform with pink paper plane

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week 2021 Challenged Misguided Perceptions for Millions

From March 8 to 14, 2021, Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week drew 30,000 attendees at 133 documented local and virtual aviation outreach events for women and girls across the world. This year, Russia, Lithuania, and Vietnam joined 49 other countries who already celebrate the Week. The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) who motivates and monitors participation during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week recorded a significant increase in industry social media campaigns in 2021. …

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