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WOAW VIP Club members are making a big difference…

WOAW VIP Club Member

What is a WOAW VIP Club member? A WOAW VIP Club member is a very special man or woman. He or she may be a member of various pilot associations around the world or not.  He or she may be a pilot or not. He or she may be an aircraft owner or not.

So what makes a WOAW VIP Club member a  Very Important Person. He or she wants to see more girls and women participate to aviation and he or she is personally doing something about it.

Jordan B.

Membership to the WOAW VIP Club is not for sale. There is only one way to become a member: take action. WOAW VIP Club are rewarded with collectible pins plus, each year, the most active WOAW VIP Club member receives the “Spirit of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Award”.

Lesley H. at the controls

WOAW VIP Club members have been very active. Since the 2011 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, almost 1,000 more girls and women have discovered aviation bringing the total of girls and women introduced to aviation in 2011 to nearly 1,700!

The girls in Oshawa, ON, with PIC Lesley

Just last week, WOAW VIP Club member, Lesley, introduced 11 girls and women to the fun of flying in Oshawa, Ontario, on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. A week or so earlier, WOAW VIP Club member, Sandy, was sharing flying with girls in Telluride, CO.

Sandy shares her love for flying in Telluride, CO

“As I have never been up in an airplane before, (let alone fly one!) the plane ride you gave us was very much appreciated. The ride you gave us also opened my eyes to the world of flying, and how much fun it is!,” wrote Emmeline after the flight.

And fun it is. The smiles always say it all!

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