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Winner of the writing contest in Los Angeles takes flight

Daniella at the Torrance Airport (KTOA)

“I LOVED it! I was nervous, happy, and filled with pure joy all at once. The day was perfect,” said Daniella of her first flight in a small airplane.

“It’s almost hard to describe, when one is being reintroduce to the world this way. I could see the Catalina Island, The queen Mary, downtown, and even the hills close to my home. Everything was working so perfectly. The hills were green, the water was like a dark blue sparkling blanket, and the sun was lighting up the Los Angeles like I’ve never seen it before.”

Zooming by the Hollywood sign

How did she find herself at the controls at a newer Cessna 172 flying over LAX, zooming by the Hollywood hills, and flying along the shoreline of the sandy beaches of Los Angeles?

She won the Karlene Petitt writing contest in the Los Angeles Area. The prize? A VIP discovery flight offered by Pacific Skies Aviation, based at the Torrance Airport (KTOA). More than an introductory flight lesson, Pacific Skies Aviation’s VIP Discovery Flight includes a tour of LA’s major landmarks.

Dad is introduced to flying in smaller aircraft by his daughter

“We flew over LAX, Old Hollywood, The Getty, next to the Hollywood sign, Dodger stadium and my most favorite, next to the skyscrapers of downtown. I was looking at all this places that I’ve have been before from an entirely new perspective,” adds Daniela.

The perk of the flight. Daniella introduced her own father to flying in smaller aircraft.

Congratulations, Daniella!

To view all the photos for the flight, log in and check out @danie’s photo album.

Pacific Skies Aviation, the only WOAW Certified Women Friendly Flight Training Facility in the greater Los Angeles area, offers personalized flight instruction built on a foundation of safety, skill, and fun.

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