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Fly It Forward® pilots to give introductory flights to female military personnel

To celebrate 100 years of female pilots in combat, Fly It Forward® pilots will give free introductory flights to female military personnel and their daughters during the upcoming 6th annual Fly It Forward® challenge organized by the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (IWOAW). Since 2010, pilots from 37 countries on five continents have given free first flight experiences to nearly 10,000 girls and women (one fifth of the estimated female pilot population worldwide) and …

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Candy of Hong Kong wins First to Solo Challenge

Mak-Chui Liu, Candy, wins the 2014 First-to-Solo Challenge

Alone at the controls of an aircraft for the first time, Mak-Chui Liu, Candy made a perfect landing at the Gympie Airfield in Queensland, Australia, on June 26, 2014. She became the first among thousands of women who participated in the 2014 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week’s eligible activities to solo and will receive the top prize, $1,500 USD towards flight training offered by Sennheiser Aviation, an IWOAW member-partner. “I did what I’ve learnt and …

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Third Time’s a Charm for FIF Boise, Idaho!

Written by Jennifer Christiano Ponderosa Aero Club just hosted its third Fly It Forward event (2014), and what a doozy it was! Local flying organizations of all stripes were coming out of the woodwork this year to participate. Our host, Jackson’s Jet Center, opened the doors not only to its lobby for the ground show but also to two of its luxurious Bizjets for the curious to peek into.On the other end of the GA …

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Women Of Aviation Week Panel Braves On Against Snowstorm

The eve before Women Of Aviation Week opening day, the East Coast became covered in a thick blanket of snow. The government, schools and the opening ceremony venue quickly closed. However the determined women of aviation said the show must go on! Despite snowy roads and flight cancellations WOAW’s panel of guest speakers were welcomed into AOPA’s (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) live studio to bring the Q&A session they had promised to the world. …

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Sharing the experience

I love flying and strangely enough I find myself on the ground for weeks on before going up again. And then, I always ask myself: “Why did I wait so long?”. I have no excuse, I am lucky enough to live on an airport. I just have to open the garage door, take the plane out and go! But is through that flying for flying is not my thing. I need a goal, a purpose. …

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