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“Request permission to takeoff.” Sarah takes flight!

“Request permission to takeoff.” Sarah takes flight!
Sarah's Art Contest Winning Entry

“Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.” W. Clement Stone

In early 2011, Sarah decided to enter the 2011 Art Contest with the theme “Why I want to fly”. She submitted a wonderful entry titled “Flying Free from the Chains of the World” and won the contest. The prize? A free flight lesson at the airport of her choice.

“Request permission to takeoff.” Sarah takes flight!
Josiah and Sarah in front of the Beech Sundowner

She went to the local airport, Flying Cloud in Eden Prairie, MN, and found the perfect airplane and the perfect FBO. However, weather and schedule conflicts delayed her first flight. Then, the FBO she had selected ceased giving flight instruction so she had to select another provider.

“Request permission to takeoff.” Sarah takes flight!
Flying free the chains of the world

But the setbacks did not keep Sarah from flying forever. On September 3, 2011, she along with her sister and her father drove to the airport and parked at InFlight Pilot Training. Flight instructor, Josiah Ellis, was waiting for them.

He showed Sarah how to do a thorough pre-flight and briefed her on what she would be doing. The plane was a Beech Sundowner, which allowed her to share the experience with her sister Kate and her father Mike.

“Request permission to takeoff.” Sarah takes flight!
What a treat!

“It was a treat to observe firsthand what a thrill Sarah had,” said Mike. “Josiah let Sarah do just about everything — she even called the tower to request permission to takeoff! It was a really great experience for Sarah, as you can see by the smile on her face.”

Congratulations, Sarah for flying free from the chains of the world!

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