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Elizabeth Robertson, from First-to-Solo Challenge candidate to commercial pilot

One day when she was a little girl, Elizabeth Robertson was lying on an old school bench swing in her grand mother’s backyard in Texas, USA, when she declared: “I want to be in the sky one day”, Her grand mother told her that she was crazy and that she should go to college, get a degree and get a job. And that is exactly what she did. Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Science in …

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Aviation Exploratory Day at St. Johnsbury School

To celebrate Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, Vermont Tech students and Robin Guillian, Director of Aviation, spent two days with 60 sixth graders at St. Johnsbury School in Vermont, USA. Each student flew the flight simulator, made pink paper planes, practised navigation, planned a trip, learned about aviation meteorology, listened to Air Traffic Control, and got to try on professional pilot gear. Discovery Flights will be awarded to two students from St. Johnsbury School, compliments …

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Colette Morin, Glacier Air

Meet Colette Morin, flight school owner, chief pilot, and instructor for Glacier Air

Right now, Colette Morin is busy organizing her 10th Women Of Aviation Week event. Because of Covid this year, the event will be mostly virtual. In past years, Morin has been so effective with organizing events that she won the Most Acclaimed Organizer Worldwide Fly It Forward® Award twice and has seen more and more women start flying lessons. Meet this inspirational female role model. What are you currently doing in aviation? I am the …

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Wendy First to solo Challenge Winner

From supportive mom to flight instructor

Wendy Rose never set out to become a pilot. She was a content wife and the mother of a young girl with a big dream – becoming an astronaut. Her life changed dramatically when she decided to attend a Women Of Aviation Week event organized by FlyQuest in Huntsville, Alabama. She was there to support her daughter’s aspirations. She ended up competing successfully for the Fly It Forward® First-to-Solo Scholarship. The Fly It Forward® Challenge …

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Wendy First to solo Challenge 2015

Taking the active

Written by Wendy Rose, Winner of the First to Solo Challenge 2015 When your kids are little, you help them get dressed, you cut up their food, and squeeze out the toothpaste (oral B everywhere). As they get bigger, they proudly announce “Mom (or Dad), I can do it!” We as parents have influence on how much our children can accomplish. Kids have big dreams, some are to be a firefighter or a doctor, perhaps …

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