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If you ask them, they shall come

The British Women Pilots’ Association encouraged 260 airfields across the UK to take as many ladies flying as possible to mark British women pilots’ 100th anniversary. On August 29th 1911, Hilda Hewlett became the first British woman to earn a pilot license. Pete White, who organized the events at the Cornwall airport, said: “I’m proud Bodmin Airfield was able to fly 102 ladies, some in fancy dress with large hats and all sporting amazing smiles …

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The Verified Women Friendly Flight Training Facility list is growing

Serving female customers is mandated by law. Seeking women customers’ business and valuing it are not. The WOAW Verified Women Friendly Flight Training Facility seal and the WOAW Verified Women Aviation Business seal help customers quickly identify flight training facilities and aviation businesses that have demonstrated that they participates in community outreach programs towards girls and women and are actively promoting aviation to girls and women. When you shop for aviation products or flight training, …

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