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Aviation is For Girls Too

As part of the 6th annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, a global aviation awareness week for girls of any age, the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) is offering Apple Watches, iPad Minis, custom jackets and custom silk scarves to girls and women who dare to step out of bounds and try flying in a small aircraft (maximum 6 seats) from March 7 to March 13, 2016 anywhere in the world. “All aviation …

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Fly It Forward Flight in Collingwood, ON

She wins. You win. We all win.

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week presents a unique and free opportunity for flight training centers to secure new students. On average, First to Solo™ Challenge winners solo within 6 weeks of their first (free or paid) small aircraft flight experience. In fact, more than 70% of the Challenge’s participants had not even considered becoming a pilot before noticing an invitation to visit a local aviation facility as part of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week (www.WomenOfAviationWeek.org), …

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Because it is 2016

Raymonde de Laroche was the world’s first woman to earn a pilot license, #36, on March 8 1910. Four more women joined the ranks by the end of 1910. It is 2016 – 106 years later. Out of approximately 1 million pilots worldwide, less than 50,000 are women. Other high paying technical aviation activities do not fare very well either when it comes to gender balance. “Flying is the best possible thing for women,” declared …

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Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week Addresses Pilot Shortage

From March 3 to March 9, 2014, events organized to celebrate Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week took place in 9 countries of 4 continents and drew more than 31,000 girls and women to aviation facilities. Events complying with Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week event’s standards aim to foster gender balance in the air and space industry by specifically engaging the female population and introducing it to the many aviation-related opportunities available to them with the …

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Lufthansa joins voices with the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide

Lufthansa, Germany’s flagship carrier, became the first airline worldwide to join voices with the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide as it announced that it will redouble its efforts to attract more female pilots for its passenger and cargo fleet. The airline has become aware of the common misconception among the female population that the job might not really be for women. The carrier reported that only 20 percent of all applications currently came from …

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