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Petition: Help eliminate gender-exclusive words that keep women out of aviation

Gender-exclusive words signal group-based ostracism and act as entry barriers In 2020, female pilots look up Notices to Airmen before each flight, validate their Medical Certificate by signing in the Airman Signature field, and refer to Airman Certification Standards to prepare for pilot tests. The FAA’s website contains more than 40,000 references to Airman or Airmen; ICAO’s website lists close to 2,000 airmen references. It does not stop with these administrative organizations. Industry stakeholders and …

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It pays to WOAW

To Fly It Forward® each year during WOAW yields its own rewards. Knowing that each WOAW action is transforming lives and bringing us closer to a gender-balanced air and space industry is priceless. But since the inception of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week 10 years ago, iWOAW and its allies have worked tirelessly to reward each reported good deed – during WOAW (March 2-8 in 2020) and throughout the rest of the year. WOAW Points …

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World First Female Pilot Raymonde Laroche quote

Fly It Forward®. It works!

In today’s world where many like to hashtag #Iam— (fill in the bank), WOAWies post with pride #iFlyItForward. Their unselfish and sustained commitment is changing the face of aviation. Did you know that in January 2010 – just 8 years ago – the air and space industry did not talk about ‘women’ or ‘girls’? The subject was closed – women and girls were not interested. That was the standard explanation for the dismal presence of …

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Fly It Forward® flight in Frederick, USA

iWOAW Calls On The FAA To Watch Its Words

FAA certification standards shade gender-neutral name to take on a gender-specific name. New FAA certification standards for Private Pilots and Instrument-rated Pilots came into effect today. Previously known as Practical Test Standards, the new standards got a new name: Airman Certification Standards. In its rational for choosing a gender-specific name to replace the previous gender-neutral name, the FAA notes that it uses the terms AIRMAN or AIRMEN routinely in its publications. Indeed, according to the …

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Aviation is For Girls Too

As part of the 6th annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, a global aviation awareness week for girls of any age, the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) is offering Apple Watches, iPad Minis, custom jackets and custom silk scarves to girls and women who dare to step out of bounds and try flying in a small aircraft (maximum 6 seats) from March 7 to March 13, 2016 anywhere in the world. “All aviation …

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