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Because it is 2016

Raymonde de Laroche, first woman to earn a pilot license worldwide

Raymonde de Laroche was the world’s first woman to earn a pilot license, #36, on March 8 1910. Four more women joined the ranks by the end of 1910.

It is 2016 – 106 years later. Out of approximately 1 million pilots worldwide, less than 50,000 are women. Other high paying technical aviation activities do not fare very well either when it comes to gender balance.

“Flying is the best possible thing for women,” declared Raymonde de Laroche.

It is 2016. The time has come to wholeheartedly engage the female population regardless of age, race, background, and geographical location and make it possible for girls and women everywhere to realize that, yes, flying is indeed the best possible thing for them.

Fly It Forward FlightIt is 2016. The time has come to rally across borders and affiliations and erase the common perceptions that decades of locked doors engraved in the minds of girls and women by welcoming them in aviation facilities with open arms and let them experience for themselves that aviation is indeed for them.

It is 2016. The time has come to generate exponential growth in the air and space industry by including the other half of the population at every operational level by introducing girls and women to all aviation activities, hands-on.

It is 2016. It is time to break the status quo. Join 96,000 people in 36 countries on 5 continents and help inspire record numbers of girls and women. Together, we can change the face of aviation. Let’s WOAW.


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