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3 female military pilots of WWI you should know

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, World War I (WWI) formerly ended. It was one of the most brutal war the world has ever known but also the cradle of military aviation. Most female pilots were grounded and restricted to support efforts, but a few did participate in air operations. Evgeniya M. Shakhovskaya, Russia – World’s first female air force pilot Evgeniya M. Shakhovskaya was the 3rd …

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Erica navigates across aviation careers

I feel I am so fortunate that my aviation career has landed me in my present position at a company that designs and supports operations software for the airline industry. My position as a Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst – Subject Matter Expert allows me to bring a unique perspective to the software development process. As a Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst, my role is to test the software before it reaches the customers; as …

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WOAW22 event organizer kits are ready to ship

iWOAW is making it easier than ever for WOAW Organizers to hold fun and exciting events. Each WOAW Event Kit is designed to provide sufficient supplies for 5 volunteers and up to 40 guests. For the first time ever, the kit includes your choice of official WOAW22 caps or t-shirts. The items feature the new iWOAW’s trademark pattern that screams love for everything that flies and the WOAW22 logo in the language of your choice. …

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Soaring higher into aviation

Written by Lucy Elias, WOAW Acitivity Organizer Richard Branson once said, “there is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passion in a way that serves the world and you.” Growing up with an opportunity to frequently travel have always given me a sense of freedom and of purpose. I started collecting airline memorabilia and model planes from my flights at the age of eleven (11) years …

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The women who told pilots where to go 80 years ago

In 1910, authorities established pilot test procedures and began to require a pilot licence for certain commercial operations like participating in airshows. Post WWI, commercial air traffic had grown enough in some areas to require the diffusion of basic aeronautical information such as weather, facilities availability, and air traffic to ensure safety. The world’s first control tower opened in 1920 at the Croydon Airport in the greater London area, U.K. Two years later, G.J.H “Jimmy” …

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