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Russian Sukhoi fighter jet

After a nearly 80-year hiatus, Russian women can be fighter pilots and aircraft technicians again

On August 10, 1911, Lidia Zvereva became the first woman in Russia to hold a pilot licence and Russia became the fourth country in the world to count a licenced female pilot. In 1913, she became the world’s second woman to run an aircraft manufacturing plant and, one year later, the first woman to fly an aerobatic maneuver, the loop. Russian women remained on the forefront of the air and space industry. Eugenie Shakhovskaya became …

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Lilian Bland airplane designer, builder, and pilot

New Irish exhibition celebrates Lillian Bland, first woman to design, build, and pilot a plane

Lilian Bland is taking her rightful place among Irish innovators who had a global impact in a new National Museums NI exhibition at the Ulster Transport Museum in Cultra, Belfast. At 4:41 AM on July 25, 1909, Louis Blériot took off from a farm between Calais and Sangatte, France, and soared northbound above the English Channel. 36 minutes and 30 seconds later, Blériot landed in England and became the first pilot to fly an airplane …

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Georgina Hunter-Jones, professional helicopter pilot by design

On a day-to-day basis, as a professional helicopter pilot, my life is varied. Some days I teach flying on the Schweizer 300 or Robinson R44, other days I will fly the JetRanger into a wedding venue or a race meeting. About once a week, I fly the London heliroutes (along the river though the capital) with a group of people. On another day I might ‘moonlight’ into fixed wing, doing, “a loop and a roll …

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FAA medical certificate airman signature

Drone committee concurs with iWOAW and urges the FAA to adopt gender neutral language

Since 2016, iWOAW has been a relentless and vocal advocate for removing verbal barriers to women inclusion in the air and space industry. That year, while the U.S. Marines were implementing gender-neutral personnel titles to diversify recruitment, the FAA was busy replacing Practical Test Standards with Airman Certification Standards. The Drone Advisory Committee sees the switch to gender neutral terminology as a step towards “modeling the leadership and behaviors that will build a more inclusive …

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