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What iWOAW does

We implement multi-pronged holistic strategies to mobilize every stakeholder group

We awake women and girls to the opportunities

For nearly a century, the air and space industry has considered men as the naturally-qualified candidates for many of its technical, teaching, and managerial careers. As late as 2010, most industry schools had no visual representations of women in their sales campaigns.

Aviation history is full of daring, inspiring, and accomplished women. Yet, the public is virtually unaware of their accomplishments. It should come as no surprise that few women ventured on their own towards careers presented as “off limit” for their gender.

Changing perceptions and sparking vocations is what iWOAW outreach initiatives have done for close to half million women and girls who attended WOAW experiential events across the globe. Nearly 80% of them report that they want to do something – anything – in the industry after the eye-opening experience.

“It is amazing that nobody thought about doing this before.”
Susan Larson, President of the Ninety Nines, 2012

We mobilize professionals and industry enthusiasts

A small portion of professionals who work in the industry’s male dominated sectors prefer it that way. The rest of them were puzzled by the lack of women but did not know what to do about it. We reach out to them and show them the way to make a tangible difference.

We offer extensive consulting services to anyone who is interested in learning how to successfully attract women and girls in their community. Our educational programs and scholarships aim to assist them in converting enthusiastic women and girls into customers, employers, and volunteers.

“I had previously thought that I had to become an accomplished pilot to make a difference in this industry. Organizing these events taught me that all it took was a simple invitation.”

Victoria Neuville, WOAW Event Organizer, 2012

Our targeted Second Step initiative and our educational programs have lead to noticeably better women representation in the industry over the last decade.

We hold decision makers and influencers to account

Widespread and gender-specific industry initiatives were virtually non-existent before 2010. The general consensus among decision makers and influencers was that women and girls were simply not interested.

In 2012, Peggy Chabrian, founder and President of Women in Aviation International, said out loud what many were saying in boardrooms. “It’s probably always going to be a male-dominated profession. Not that anyone is keeping anyone out”, she declared to journalist Tom Fountaine at Tribe in May 2011.

iWOAW’s success and advocacy has pushed decision makers and influencers to take a second look at their stance and adjust their attitude. The result is an improving environment for women already in the industry and newcomers.

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