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Give to change the face of aviation

From sparks to life-long passions

iWOAW’s annual Fly It Forward® fundraising campaign rewards women who start training without delays after participating in Women Of Aviation Week.
We accept donations in cash or WOAW Points.

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From sparks to life-long passions

In 2021, your gift will provide financial support for the aviation-related training of 3 women:

  • The first woman to fly solo after going on her first flight during the Week
  • The first woman to complete one semester of studies in a one-year or more aerospace training program (other than flight) after discovering aviation as part of the Week
  • One deserving female WOAW Event Organizer who lost her aviation job due to Covid and is undertaking training to remain in the aerospace industry

All contributions to the Fly It Forward® Fund, small or big, help change the face. Thank you.