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Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week’s Official Website Now Available in Spanish and Turkish

iWOAW becomes the only international aviation association concerned with the advancement of women in the industry to deliver its outreach message in four languages.

Pround Hispanic Women Of Aviation
Proud hispanic women of aviation (left to right) Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, retired U.S. Air Force KC-135 Navigator and Instructor, Olga Custodio, first female Hispanic U.S. military pilot, and Ana Uribe-Ruiz, pilot and WOAW Week activity organizer

The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) is proud to announce that www.WomenOfAviationWeek.org, the official website for its annual global aviation awareness week designed specifically to engage, inspire, and educate girls and women of any age, is now available in Spanish and Turkish.

“Effective outreach begins with speaking the same language,” says Mireille Goyer, iWOAW’s founder and President. “As an inherently international association, iWOAW knows that engaging girls and women at a personal level requires communicating with them in their mother tongue.”

The website was natively available in English and French, Canada’s official languages. Worldwide, an estimated 420 million individuals use English or French as their first language. The addition of Spanish and Turkish versions makes it possible for iWOAW’s calls to action to reach another 470 million individuals and effectively doubles iWOAW’s direct reach.

Since 2011, Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week has been celebrated in 36 countries on 5 continents. However, it has often relied on bilingual individuals to share the message in their communities.

Such was the case with Can Erel, a Turkish aeronautical engineer and author, who motivated businesses, universities and technical schools across Turkey to celebrate Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week in 2015.

Likewise, Ana Uribe-Ruiz, a passionate female pilot based in the San Francisco, CA, area who has chosen to engage the large Hispanic population in her region and feature outstanding Hispanic women of aviation as part of the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week events she organized.

Spanish is the world’s second most common native language after Chinese. It is prevalent throughout the American continent and parts of Europe. Awareness of that fact combined with iWOAW’s commitment to supporting activity organizers like Ana Uribe-Ruiz made a Spanish version of the website, a must have.

Maltepe University celebrates Women Of Aviation Week
Maltepe University, one of 9 Turkish venues for WOAW Week celebrations in 2015

Turkey has a proud female pilot history. Sabiha Gökçen is generally recognized as the world’s first female pilot to have a formal fighter pilot career. Istanbul’s newest international airport is named after her. The country’s demonstrated commitment to engage the female population to consider aviation in 2015 guided iWOAW’s decision.

Ana Uribe-Ruiz, Can Erel, and Yagmur Gencoglu, a female aeronautical engineering student in Istanbul, worked closely and tirelessly with iWOAW for four months to bring a translation of the website in their native languages to life.

The newly translated website allows more visitors to not only learn how to participate in the various Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week activities in their own languages but also to complete the required reports to qualify themselves for the Week’s many prizes and the scholarships available.

The 6th annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week will take place at aviation facilities worldwide between March 7 and 13 in 2016.

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