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Win the video contest to be the guest of honor in Europe (opened to U.S. women)

100 years after Harriet Quimby became the first woman in the world to pilot an airplane across the English Channel, we are looking for an American woman to take the plunge on the footsteps of Harriet.

This American woman will represent the next generation of American women pilots that Harriet Quimby hoped to inspire as she launched from the white cliffs of Dover into the unknown.

Who is this American woman who will be the guest of honor in two countries: England and France? She is old enough to travel to Europe alone, she dreams of flying, she is curious about other cultures, she respects traditions, and most of all, she is highly enthusiastic about life.

This American woman will win the trip of a lifetime. She will fly to Europe where she will get to not only take in the sights but also experience aviation on both side of the English Channel like nobody else. She will meet Women Of Aviation from around the world and share her flight experience across the English Channel on March 10, 2012 with girls and women from all around Europe.

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